Learning new things and seeing new places

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That there aren’t more hours in a day

What inspired you to join Dutchland?
Another librarian friend of mine plays, and I thought it was really awesome!

What inspired your derby name and number?
My name is inspired by my interest in mythology, and, as a librarian, I wanted my number to be 796 because 796.21 is the Dewey Decimal number for roller derby.

What do you do outside of roller derby?
I have a number of additional hobbies, but, mostly, I enjoy physical activities and learning skills that are unique or relatively uncommon.

How long have you known how to skate?
Just since joining Dutchland, so around December 2018

What is your favorite song to work out to?
Probably Natural by Imagine Dragons

Where is your favorite place to visit?
The Overlook Skate Park.