Loud music, veggie burgers, traveling, and most importantly – my dog Charlie.

When two traffic lights at the same intersection are different shades of green.

What inspired you to join Dutchland?
Derby looked like fun, so I went to a recruitment meeting and fell in love with it.

What are you most excited for with DDR?
Skating in my first game!

What are you most nervous for?
Hopefully trying out for travel teams next season.

What inspired your derby name and number?
I just thought my name was funny and I like that it is shortened to Doom. I chose 24 as my number since my birthday is Jan 24th.

What do you do outside of roller derby?
I work for a software company. Other than that, I go to a lot of concerts and like to travel whenever I can.

How long have you known how to skate?
I learned when I showed up to my first practice in Jan ’18!

What is your favorite song to work out to?
This changes all the time, but right now anything by Bishop Briggs or Every Time I Die.

Where is your favorite place to visit?
Iceland is my favorite place that I have been so far. I’d love to go back sometime!

Where do you hope to be with Dutchland by this time next year?
I hope to be a faster and more agile player. I want to try jamming at some point!