These fine women, athletes, skaters, NSOs, and referees worked tirelessly to bring Dutchland to victory and to make the league a better place for all. Many of them continue to volunteer for the league and contribute to our success. We honor these former league members — and propose a standing invitation to return! We miss you!

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Bully Baker
Lady Mantis #82
LexBehonest #2
Lurz lemon #1979
Macon A. Ruckus #212
Madam D. Kay #215
Mara Jaded #729
Nelly Hurtado #8
Pain Train #2702
Porsche Bloxter #968
Sirius Blackout
Treasure Chest #777


Bruise Almighty – Official
Paige Layout – Announcer
Ann Slanders – Bench Staff
Mr. Mantis