These fine women, athletes, skaters, NSOs, and referees worked tirelessly to bring Dutchland to victory and to make the league a better place for all. Many of them continue to volunteer for the league and contribute to our success. We honor these former league members — and propose a standing invitation to return! We miss you!

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Cleaverpatra #27
Derby Does Dallas #34
Hillbilly Hellcat #1218
Jolene Jawbreaker #3
Lacey Deecee #85
Megan Whoopie #3.14
Milk Maiden #1212
Nash Villain #6021
Pain N’ Fancy #41
Queen of Hurts #52
Renegade Raven #935
Rum N. Choke #1234
Ruthless Ness #427
Seeds of Destruction #9
Sukkubus Strixe #13
V Diva #1818
White Thrash #16
Wild Stang #302


Dani Killafornia (Tot coach)
Coach Merv the Perv