Steely Nan


Any special inspirations for your name?
Yes… always have loved the group Steely Dan and I’m Nan to my three grandchildren.

Old School Riedells—I love them.

What brought you to Dutchland?
Joined Dutchland Rollers Tot Program with my daughter after she told me about the training program.

Learning how to skate and pushing myself physically has been a fantastic experience for me.

Doing right turns, but I’m working on them!

Favorite thing about roller derby?
As an NSO/Ref in training my favorite things about derby have been meeting a lot of terrific people involved in the sport, watching the growth of the new team members and being able to continue to skate.

Most memorable moments?
The night I finally skated my 27/5

What is the one piece of advice you could give to newer referees, NSOs, or anyone else thinking about joining Roller derby?
I’ve been an NSO for just two seasons and I’m just starting to train as a ref. There are a lot of rules and details to learn…but we are fortunate at Dutchland to have experienced NSOs and Referees in place to train people new to the sport or getting back into it.