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We Need Your Help!

And in return, we can help you too! The Dutchland Rollers invite you to join the 2016 Sponsorship Season. We welcome you to be a part of the growing sport of roller derby as a partner and sponsor of our league.

Read more about the audience you could reach with your sponsorship dollars, then get the information you need about becoming a sponsor.

Why We Skate

Not only do Dutchland skaters pride themselves on becoming the best women of flat-track roller derby we can be, but we care deeply about our community at large. Each home bout, we give a portion of tickets sales to an organization near and dear to all of us.

With over ten years of charity service under our belts, to date we've donated over $29,000 to worthwhile causes!

Become a Sponsor!

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Russian Bayou

Formed in 2006, the Duchland Derby Rollers are a Do-It-Yourself flat track roller derby league, born as just an idea from a group of gals who love to don eight wheels and skate. Our fast and fabulous ladies have collected bruises, torn tendons, dislocated ankles and broken bones to bring hard-hitting, action packed roller derby to the Lancaster, Lebanon, Reading and York areas. We dedicate ourselves to athleticism and community involvement while delivering a strong, positive female image to South Central Pennsylvania.

Dutchland Rollers, Inc. is a public charity with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Contributions donated to Dutchland Rollers, Inc. are fully tax-deductible retroactive to January 1, 2015. This also means that Dutchland Rollers, Inc. is eligible for greater fundraising opportunities, which will further broaden the organization’s access to resources and strengthen its national amateur sports competition status, as well as within the local community.

What Do We Need?

We cannot continue to bring the thrill of women's roller derby to Lancaster without your generous sponsorship. Although our primary needs are financial, we also require donations, ranging from items like whistles and track-marking tape to in-kind services like graphic design, printing, and physical therapy. Here is a list of what we are looking for during our 2018 season:

  • Venues to hold fundraisers, parties and meetings
  • Items that can be used in fundraisers and raffles
  • Promotional items for VIP bags
  • League equipment donations
  • Uniform donations as well as screen printing and embroidery
  • Printing & distribution services (flyers, brochures, posters, banners, stickers)
  • Healthy bout day food and beverages for skaters and after-party food
  • Travel and transportation
  • Media sponsor/advertising partners
  • Medical and therapeutic services

Sponsorship Packages

Choose one of our convenient, standard packages, or make us an offer. We offer flexible levels of sponsorship with a series of packages that let you balance the price and the benefit of sponsorship. If you do not see a package that meets your businesses needs, we will customize one for you!