Join date?
December 2008

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First bout?
July 11, 2009, Blitz vs. Steel City B-Unit

Best position?
Offense: Jammer and #2

What brought you to DDR?
I had never heard of Roller Derby but saw a flyer and came to a bout with a friend, on a girl’s night out. Within the first five minutes, I knew that I had to do this!

What keeps your wheels turning?
I love to skate!

What is your most embarrassing derby moment?
Several come to mind, but I would have to say, every time I force myself to watch myself in bout footage, it feels like my most embarrassing moment.

What is your proudest derby moment?
(cue flashback montage)

DDR awards/Fan Favorite awards?
Blitz Workhorse

Got any injury stories?
A PCL tear and torn Miniscus, a broken Rib, lots of rink rash, and loads of major bruises: the most impressive one was bigger than my hand and included sharp zig-zags of darker bruising from the pattern on my tights.

Impress us with your skating skillz.
I don’t know about skillz, but I never give up!

Derby props?
Skates: Riedell
Wheels: Omegas
Protective Gear: Scabs pads and a Triple-8 Brainsaver helmet

Send out some heartfelt derby love to your peeps!
Thanks to ‘A Boy Named Punk Sue’, my family and friends for the constant encouragement, Drayer Physical Therapy, and a huge thanks to my Dutchies — you all are amazing, especially the most adorable derby wife ever: Skid Ho!