Hiking and yoga, food, tea, cheese, beer, live music, and warm, sunny days.

Lack of sleep, mean people, cilantro, winter, and stress.

What inspired you to join Dutchland?
Seeing all of the lovely ladies passing out fliers at Lancaster Central Market when I was 16!

What are you most excited for with DDR?
Playing in a game!

What are you most nervous for?
Playing in a game!

What inspired your derby name and number?
My love of Mario games and my home state, Georgia. 912 is the area code of my home town!

What do you do outside of roller derby?
I’m a store manager, photographer, and lover of being outside!

How long have you known how to skate?
Since the very first DDR practice that I attended.

What is your favorite song to work out to?
7/11 by Beyoncé.

Where is your favorite place to visit?
My hometown! Or Disney World.

Where do you hope to be with Dutchland by this time next year?
Hopefully on a travel team.