Mell Raiser #717


“When all else fails raise a little…”

When did you start playing Roller Derby?
January 2013

What positions do you normally play/like to play?

What brought you to DDR?
Dutchland had a stand at a festival a few years ago. I was totally interested but was never the right time for me until last year.

What do you love about Roller Derby?
I have loved skating since I was 5 yrs old. Add to that the physicality of this sport; I just fell in love instantly. As I learn more and more about strategies, this sport also challenges you mentally

What do you love about Dutchland?
The fact that you can put that many women together & still keep things peaceful! Love all the strong woman in this program and that it is run by the players!

Favorite Roller Derby moment?
My favorite moment was my first bout; it was a close bout the whole time. At the end we won by 4 points. The feeling of winning with the amazing Crush team in my first bout was just awesome…..Then after our victory lap they recounted and we lost… But in that moment that we won, that moment was my favorite (so far).

What is your most embarrassing derby moment?
Oh boy… probably my first home bout when I did a full on “scorpion” (when you fall face first & your feet almost touch your head) right in front of the benches… no one had even touched me.

What is your proudest derby moment?
The proudest moment so far was the day I passed assessments to become a member of the Crush with two fellow “tots.” Our tot coach Erin Go Braless gave us each a bearing necklace.

Got any injury stories?
I’ve been lucky so far, the wheel shaped bruise on my backside has been the only thing!

Derby props?
Skates: Riedell R3
Wheels: Sure Grip Rollout
Protective Gear: A little bit of Triple8 & 187’s
Must-Haves: A hair tie!

What is one piece of advice you could give to newer girls or those who are thinking about joining Roller Derby?
Just try it! You never know until you try something if you can do it or even if you will fall madly in love with it!

What is one thing that Roller Derby/Dutchland helped you achieve?
It’s very difficult to pick one thing, but if I had to choose…Dutchland has given me the opportunity to do something for myself. Being a single mom with two boys, all I did before was work & take care of them, I never had anything for myself. Dutchland has given me an outlet and an extended family.

What has Roller Derby taught you?
That I am much stronger than I ever thought I was!

Anything you’d like to say to your adoring fans?
To my mom, although being in the penalty box keeps me safe, my teammates hate it! Hope to see more fans come out to the bouts and support the local roller derby & the charities we give to!