Skater Information

New Skaters: Have you always dreamed about joining roller derby but didn’t know where to start? Join Dutchland’s new skater program! Our new skater program includes four months of structured practices with dedicated coaches to teach you everything about how to skate, fall, hit, and play the game. Best of all, we provide rental equipment and skates to help you get started. Recruitment takes place 2-3 times per year. Follow Dutchland on social media to learn when our next recruitment sessions are coming up!

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Transfer Skaters: New to the area and hoping to transfer leagues? Dutchland is always accepting new transfer skaters. Submit your request to, and a coaching representative will contact you with a transfer questionnaire and more information about the league.

Returning Skaters: Did you used to play with Dutchland and miss lacing up your skates? Join our Rec League! Rec skaters have limited attendance requirements and qualify for reduced dues. Plus, they can attend all of our regular league practices. Email for more information.

Officials Information

Officials are key to the success of any league. If you’re interested in joining Dutchland as a skating or non-skating official, contact us today!

Skating Officials (also called Referees) are expected to complete the first tier of the new skater program to ensure they can skate and fall safely. After that, they’ll work directly with our Head Referee at practices and scrimmages to learn rules, penalties, and hand signals.

Non-Skating Officials (NSOs) can join any time! They work directly with our Head NSO to learn the rules of the game and train to do scorekeeping, lineup tracking, penalty box timing, and all the other statistics tracking to make sure scrimmages and games run smoothly.

Contact to talk to our head officials and learn how you can join this awesome community.

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