Jason Singer #10


How long have you been involved in derby?
Since January 2007.  Started with Harrisburg Area Roller Derby, then transferred to Dutchland in the fall of 2009.

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First bout
April 2007-Harrisburg vs Lehigh Valley

How many bouts have you reffed in to date?
On skates-575, off skates-8

Equipment of choice
ColorLab Riedell 265 skates w/Powerdyne Reactor Neo Plates

Star Wars, a derby game with good game flow,  a full officiating roster for games,  oxygen, hiking, sports, rainy days.

William Joel, skaters who talk back to officials.

Most memorable moment
Being one of the first certified referees-December 2008

Harrisburg Area Roller Derby Head Referee-2007-09
Dutchland Derby Rollers Head Referee-2009-present
WFTDA Certified Level 2-December 2008
WFTDA Certified Level 3-December 2009-10
WFTDA Certified Level 4-December 2011-2015
ECDX Tournament Head Referee-2016 and 2017
WFTDA Tournament Official-2009 to 2014
On skates official for 270 sanctioned games