Jason Singer #10


How long have you been involved in derby?
Since January 2007. Started with Harrisburg, then made the transition to Dutchland in September 2009

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First bout?
May 2007

How many bouts have you reffed in to date?

Equipment of choice?
Riedell 265’s w/Atom Jukes

Star Wars, music, technology, and milk.

Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, crybabies, illegal play

Most memorable moment?
I would say my experience at Eastern Regionals last September. I got to jam ref the first two days, and outside pack ref in the very first “play in” bout between number 3 seed Charm City and number 4 seed Boston on the third day.

• Harrisburg Area Roller Derby Head Referee-October 2007-September 2009
• Dutchland Derby Rollers Head Referee-November 2009-present
• WFTDA Level 2 Certified Referee, December 2008<
• WFTDA Level 3 Certified Referee, December 2009
• WFTDA Level 3 Certified Referee 2010(Recertified)
• WFTDA Level 4 Certified Referee 2011
• Officiated in 60+ WFTDA sanctioned bouts