Dutchland Derby Rollers

Formed in 2006, the Dutchland Derby Rollers are a do-it-yourself flat track roller derby league, born as just an idea from a group of gals who love to don eight wheels and skate. We dedicate ourselves to athleticism and community involvement while delivering a strong, positive female image to South Central Pennsylvania.

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Mission Statement

The Dutchland Derby Rollers (DDR) are committed to athleticism and sportswomanship to foster national and international amateur sports competition in the sport of roller derby. The DDR continue to develop the strength and athleticism of their league with competitive interleague bouting as members of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association. DDR is skater-managed and operates on the volunteer hours of their league members. The DDR believe all people are important and should be treated with equality and respect. Embodying the values of friendship, empowerment, dedication, and discipline, DDR demonstrates positive roles for women and act as contributing members of their local community, giving back through outreach, volunteerism and financial contribution.