Dutchland Derby Rollers

Formed in 2006, the Dutchland Derby Rollers are a do-it-yourself flat track roller derby league, born as just an idea from a group of gals who love to don eight wheels and skate. We dedicate ourselves to athleticism and community involvement while delivering a strong, positive female image to South Central Pennsylvania.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become more familiar with the rules of the sport?

The Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) creates and maintains a formal set of rules that govern the sport of flat track roller derby. Yea, they're pretty complex, we know!

If you'd like a quick introduction to the sport, the WFTDA produced a wonderful video available on YouTube on The Basics of Flat Track Roller Derby.

Also, there have been a few roller derby rules changes (as of January 1, 2013) since this video was created. Visit this page on our site to learn more!

What is a closed bout? And why do you have them?

A closed bout is a WFTDA sanctioned game that counts for international rankings, however, it is closed to the public. Even though we love our fans and they keep us going in more ways than you know, sometimes we have an opportunity to play a team and cannot financially manage to host a full-production game.

We will do our best to keep our fans up on all of our bouting action, public or not. You are always able to view the awesome photos taken of the game by Jim Rhoades, Scott Johnson, Juan P Paden, Arvin Alston and Rhonda M Gold. You will also be able to read the recap in our monthly eNewsletter, on our website, and hopefully on Derby News Network!

How do I buy tickets?

At the ticket window the day of the bout.

Can I get a group rate if I want to bring a bunch of people to one of your bouts?

Absolutely! Email info@dutchlandrollers.com for our group rates!

What exactly is VIP seating?

A track-side seat will be provided.

Can children sit in the VIP seating section?

Children may only sit in VIP if they have a VIP ticket purchased for them. The "10 and under free admission" applies to General Admission Tickets only.

What exactly is General Admission seating?

No seating is provided; however, you may sit track-side on the floor, stand behind the wall, or bring your own chair to set up on the provided track-side mat.

Is there at ATM at Overlook?

Unfortunately, no Overlook Activities Center doesn't have an ATM, but both Dutchland (for tickets and merchandise) and Overlook (for concessions) accepts credit cards.

What's the difference between flat track and banked track roller derby?

There are three major differences between banked track derby and flat track derby, the first being jams are only one minute in banked instead of two like in flat. Another big difference is that penalties are served during the next jam instead of the jam the penalty was committed. The last difference is if the lead jammer is passed during a jam, the passer becomes the new lead jammer. In flat track, once the lead jammer is established, she remains the lead jammer for the entire jam.