Dutchland Derby Rollers

Formed in 2006, the Dutchland Derby Rollers are a do-it-yourself flat track roller derby league, born as just an idea from a group of gals who love to don eight wheels and skate. We dedicate ourselves to athleticism and community involvement while delivering a strong, positive female image to South Central Pennsylvania.

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We Are Lancaster's Premiere Women's Roller Derby League

We are the Dutchland Derby Rollers, Lancaster Pennsylvania’s premier amateur roller derby league and proud members of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). When our teams aren’t traveling we are hosting games and practicing year round at the Overlook Activities Center, our home base, located in Manheim Township (a suburb of Lancaster City).

We have developed a league of over 40 dedicated skaters who compete for spots on our two teams, the Dutchland All-Stars and the Dutchland Blitz. The All-Stars, comprised of accomplished skaters who compete at the highest level of competition on a national and international level, represent our league in WFTDA sanctioned games, which counts towards the national rankings. The Blitz is also comprised of experienced and talented skaters, including All-Star alternates, looking to further develop their skills while competing at home and away games.

The rosters for each team are fluid, as skaters are given the opportunity for movement between teams. This structure offers the opportunity for a high level of competition for all skaters, both within the league and also in performance against a wide range of other roller derby teams. Whether we’re on or off the track we aim to bring our best selves to the sport and strive to keep Lancaster’s roller derby team on the local, national, and international map. Interested in joining your local roller derby team? We recruit new skaters and volunteers regularly.

Dutchland Rollers, Inc. is proud of its standing as public charity with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Contributions donated to Dutchland Rollers, Inc. are fully tax-deductible retroactive to January 1, 2015. This also means that Dutchland Rollers, Inc. is eligible for greater fundraising opportunities, which will further broaden the organization’s access to resources and strengthen its national amateur sports competition status, as well as within the local community.

2016 Dutchland Rollers

2016 Dutchland Rollers
Photo by Jim Rhoades